Friday, 24 June 2011

Just Finished Packing

So i spent the last few hours packing my suitcase and hang luggage for my trip. I'm really only bringing clothes money and chocolate, not sure what else you need. My hand luggage is full of sweets and my DSs along with their games.

Tomorrow i'm popping out before i set off to buy a collection of Lovecraft's short stories to read, and Ocarina of Time 3D. These should keep me company for the journey

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Duke of Edinburgh

Tomorrow and the day after i will be spending all day at my school practicing for my DofE(Duke of Edinburgh) expeditions. For those of you who don't know what this program is, it's something you can do in your spare time and you get awards for it after, many universities accept these awards(in the UK) and can add alto to your reputation.

There are three levels you can do this at, Bronze, Silver and Gold. At this moment i am doing silver which involves me to do 6 months of a skillful activity, which i have done my drum lessons, 3 months of a physical activity where i played badminton and 6 months of charity work which i have yet to find somewhere to do that in. So currently I've done my skills and physical work, but have yet to start charity.

Now another part of DofE is the expeditions, i have a practice and a final. They consist of sleeping 3 nights and 2 days walking. I will pretty much just be camping and then walking and that's it. Each day I'll be walking 16km.

So if any of you have any suggestions for charity work or helpful ideas for my expeditions such as easy meals or anything which would benefit me then i would love to hear about it, or if any of you have done this before.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Burnout Paradise

So as part of the welcome back package for Playstation 3 owners you got a 30 day membership to playstation plus and a choice of 2 games. Well if you check out the playstation plus store then you will find that Burnout Paradise is free to download, so if you want even more free games then go ahead.

I've never really been fond of car games but the only one i ever liked was Burnout Revenge for the PS2. I used to play it all the time, try to get the best scores i could, i never got round to completing it 100% though. And due to this game I've always wanted to get Burnout Paradise but after seeing the style of this game i avoided it. Since you drive around the city doing missions you find a traffic lights, it's too free roamy compared to Revenge which had a set of challenges and levels that you worked your way up. But as the game was free i downloaded it to give it a go, and I've got to say i like it.

My car, 90% of the time
I still dislike the way you find and accept missions, but it's unique and interesting. Just not my cup of tea. Now I've never saw the obsession some people have with cars, and to be frank i still don't. But my class of car in this game is Stunt. For me, speed is too fast and with you constantly boosting you're not really having much fun because you have to stick in the middle of the road and you don't get to do any cool tricks or see the scenery. Then there's Aggressive with isn't too bad, but in racers i don't really like sticking with the competition, i want them so far behind they're not even on my map. So i went with stunt, this gives me a flexible amount of boost to work with, i can drift all i want and most of the time with i tap into a citizen car i don't instantly become Wrecked. Also in races i can go every shortcut i can find and do double barrel rolls until i can practically hear Slippy begging for me to do another.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Games for long trips

So to get to Germany next week i'll be getting a train, and then a plane. So i'll need something to occupy my time with. I'll be bringing my 3DS, DS and PSP so if any of you know any great games i could bring with me then please let me know. I'm already thinking of replaying The World Ends With You, but i haven't touched my DS in ages so haven't got any up to date games on there.