Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Responses to Suggestions

I'm very grateful for all of your feedback about what upcoming games you want to hear about. And some of you even want to hear about retro or indie games. Well i'll see what i can do to try and satisfy all of you.

You all want to hear about the long awaited Duke Nukem, so i'll make sure that my next post is about that, and then after i might talk about Diablo 3.
Now below are all of my responses to the questions i received.

Salted Plum:
We get most of the popular games from Japan, but it does take awhile for them to be translated and then released over here. Americans do of course like all of their war simulated and high definition games and i really doubt that most of the 'normal' gamers would ever play many good puzzle games. However i live over in the United Kingdom and puzzle games are commonly played, mainly on the Nintendo DS. They are one of my favourite types and i could play them all day long. And i haven't heard much about Monster Hunter, so it most likely is true that not many like it, however since the game is multiplayer i think that would increase the likely hood of people playing it, but i can not say.

I don't really follow indy game releases as i'm not into playing that many. However i do own a few like Minecraft and Terraria and play them frequently with my friends. If i come across any upcoming ones that look good then i won't pass up a chance to write about them.

I have always wanted to play Super Meat Boy but have never got round to buying it, is it really as fun as it looks? I may talk about Terraria soon as it has got to be one of my favourite multiplayer games!

I may end up talking about some of the classics at one point. I still have my Sega Megadrive set up in my room. I never got round to playing Ocarina of Time however i'm going to make it my duty to buy it for the 3DS and play through it when it comes out soon.

Yeah i know, some games are just too good to be covered in a few sentences, however i try my best to explain games and their defining features in as short and detailed way possible. I've never played Plants Vs Zombies or Peggle, however Peggle does look like an addictive game, might have to download the demo. What's your opinions on these games?

I intend on completely the first inFamous in the next week or so and then i will go and buy the 2nd. After i've completed it i will be sure to give a review on it.

Many people seem to be looking forward to Duke Nukem, i've saw some footage and trailers of it and it looks great. Hopefully it will live it to it's large expectations.

I have a gaming pc, an Xbox 360, 2 Ps3s, 2 Wiis, a 3DS, 2 DSs and all the generation 6 consoles.

I am currently about half way playing through Crisis 2 so when i have finished i will make a post about it. However i hear that the first Crisis was alot better, but i do not have that so could not do a comparison.


  1. Thank you for the answers, I learnt a lot.


  3. Cool! Im looking forward to the diablo 3 reviews! :)

  4. ooohhh yeah I wanna hear about Diablo 3, forgot about that !

  5. ALRIGHT. Can't wait, churn 'em out real fast for us :D

  6. I love it when a blogger is in touch with there fans!

  7. I'm tryin to complete inFamous this week too- really impressed with it so far, looking forward to your review of the next game. Keep up the good bloggin

  8. Duke Nukem Forever was quite a dismantlement to me, but I can't wait for Diablo 3 - that is going to be awesome.

  9. Nice, individual responses. Bro, you must play OoT. Just don't blame me when you get to the water temple and rage.

  10. I can't wait till Duke Nukem is released. :b Ill keep posted for your input on it!

  11. I suggest you give Oblivion a try. Elder Scrolls : Oblivion. Good game, if old. Sorry, if you have already, but just found your blog. you seem to be good at reviews. Keep going dude!